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Chai, W. L. and Ngeow, W. C. (2009) Shooting pain. British Dental Journal, 206 (9). p. 450. ISSN 0022-0345

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    Sir, we couldn't help but wonder if there was a common factor that contributed to the unusual manifestation following inferior alveolar nerve blocks. Paul et al.1 described that their patient experienced a sharp pain following the insertion of a dental injection needle. Incidentally, we have also reported such a similar experience whereby one of our patients reported experiencing sharp shooting pain prior to local anaesthesia misadventure.2 We suspect that the piercing of the dental injection needle into the neurovascular bundle causes a breach and this allows the local anaesthetic agent to be percolated into it instead of surrounding it. This local anaesthetic agent is then transported retrogradely to a branch elsewhere, resulting in all of these unusual manifestations. We wonder what would have happened if Paul et al. did not deposit any local anaesthetic agent upon realising their patient was feeling sharp pain?

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    Additional Information: Export Date: 5 April 2012 Source: Scopus PubMed ID: 19424228 Language of Original Document: English Correspondence Address: Chai, W. L., Malaysia References: Paul, R., Anand, R., Wray, P., D'sa, S., Brennan, P.A., An unusual complication of an inferior dental nerve block: A case report (2009) Br Dent J, 206, pp. 9-10; Ngeow, W.C., Shim, C.K., Chai, W.L., Transient loss of power of accommodation in one eye following inferior alveolar nerve block: Report of two cases (2006) J Can DentAssoc, 72, pp. 927-931
    Uncontrolled Keywords: dental anesthesia human injection injury instrumentation letter mandibular nerve needle nerve block pain Anesthesia, Dental Humans Injections Needles
    Subjects: Medicine and Dentistry
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    Date Deposited: 25 Apr 2012 03:33
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