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Gutierrez, Walton R The fine structure constant at the center of stable nuclear matter. (Submitted)

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    Additional analysis on a recently proposed model of nuclear matter stability described by the proton and neutron count (Z, N) of the even-even nuclei reveals that the only data-dependent parameter of the average stability curves is 4 times the fine structure constant. A first approximation provided by the model to the value of the fine structure constant is 21*10^(1/3)/6200, accurate to 1 part in 100000. This result only requires the input data of Z and N of 20Ne and 202Hg. Moreover, the model provides many approximations and some are of significant higher accuracy. This is a first proposal for a nuclear model of the Z and N stability relying on one fundamental constant. Most remarkable is the emergence of the fine structure constant as the only physical constant, in a realm that was considered the strong nuclear interaction domain. In this description of N and Z for a good majority of stable large nuclei (4 < Z < 84), the fine structure constant is also a global structure constant.

    Item Type: Article
    Subjects: Physical Sciences > Physics > Mathematical & Theoretical Physics > Quantum Mechanics
    Divisions: UNSPECIFIED
    Depositing User: Dr Walton R Gutierrez
    Date Deposited: 10 May 2012 01:08
    Last Modified: 10 May 2012 01:08
    URI: http://opendepot.org/id/eprint/1105

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