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Thong, Y. L. and Messer, H. H. and Siar, C. H. and Saw, L. H. (2001) Periodontal response to two intracanal medicaments in replanted monkey incisors. Dental Traumatology, 17 (6). pp. 254-259. ISSN 1600-4469

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    Intracanal medicaments are recommended for use in replanted teeth to inhibit inflammatory root resorption. This study compared the effect of calcium hydroxide (Pulpdent (R)) and a corticosteroid-antibiotic paste (Ledermix (R)) on periodontal healing and root resorption following replantation. Incisors of eight Macaca fascicularis monkeys were extracted, stored dry for 15 min and replanted. After I I days, root canals in two adjacent maxillary incisors were treated with one medicament and contralateral incisors with the other medicament, or left as untreated controls. Animals were sacrificed 8 weeks later and the teeth prepared for histomorphometric evaluation of periodontal ligament inflammation and root resorption. Periodontal ligament inflammation and inflammatory root resorption were markedly inhibited by both calcium hydroxide and corticosteroid-antibiotic relative to untreated controls. Replacement resorption was lowest in the corticosteroid-antibiotic group, and significantly (P <0.05) more normal periodontal ligament was present in this group (79.6) than in calcium hydroxide and control groups (64.6 and 62.7, respectively). Treatment with the corticosteroid-antibiotic inhibited inflammatory resorption and was slightly more effective than calcium hydroxide in producing a periodontal healing response.

    Item Type: Article
    Additional Information: ISI Document Delivery No.: 496CV Times Cited: 14 Cited Reference Count: 33 Cited References: ABBOTT PV, 1990, AUST DENT J, V35, P491 ANDERSSON L, 1987, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V3, P288 Andreasen J O, 1981, J Endod, V7, P349, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(81)80056-8 Andreasen J O, 1981, J Endod, V7, P294, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(81)80095-7 ANDREASEN JO, 1980, SWED DENT J, V4, P135 ANDREASEN JO, 1981, ACTA ODONTOL SCAND, V39, P15 ANDREASEN JO, 1975, ACTA ODONTOL SCAND, V33, P313, DOI 10.3109/00016357509004636 ANDREASEN JO, 1981, ACTA ODONTOL SCAND, V39, P1 ANDREASEN JO, 1980, SWED DENT J, V4, P101 ANDREASEN JO, 1994, TXB COLOR ATLAS TRAU, P383 ANDREASEN JO, 1987, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V3, P269 Barbakow F, 1996, J Dent Assoc S Afr, V51, P819 Barrett EJ, 1997, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V13, P153 Fava LRG, 1998, INT ENDOD J, V31, P343 GREGORIOU AP, 1994, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V10, P268 HAMMARSTROM L, 1986, Endodontics and Dental Traumatology, V2, P184 Harlamb SC, 1997, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V13, P42 Heithersay G S, 1994, Ann R Australas Coll Dent Surg, V12, P46 Holland R, 1998, Braz Dent J, V9, P67 Kim ST, 2000, INT ENDOD J, V33, P227, DOI 10.1046/j.1365-2591.2000.00278.x LENGHEDEN A, 1991, SCAND J DENT RES, V99, P139 LENGHEDEN A, 1991, SCAND J DENT RES, V99, P147 NERWICH A, 1993, J ENDODONT, V19, P302, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(06)80461-9 PIERCE A, 1988, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V4, P44 PIERCE A, 1987, ORAL SURG ORAL MED O, V64, P216, DOI 10.1016/0030-4220(87)90094-6 PIERCE A, 1988, J ENDODONT, V14, P459, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(88)80136-5 PIERCE A, 1989, AUST DENT J, V34, P437 TEPEL J, 1994, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V10, P233 Tronstad L, 1981, J Endod, V7, P17, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(81)80262-2 TRONSTAD L, 1988, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V4, P241 TROPE M, 1995, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V11, P124 TROPE M, 1990, ENDOD DENT TRAUMATOL, V6, P226 TROPE M, 1992, J ENDODONT, V18, P492, DOI 10.1016/S0099-2399(06)81349-X Thong, YL Messer, HH Siar, CH Saw, LH Munksgaard int publ ltd Copenhagen
    Uncontrolled Keywords: calcium hydroxide corticosteroid root resorption tooth avulsion tooth replantation inflammatory root resorption calcium hydroxide treatment mature permanent incisors dog teeth ligament therapy paste
    Subjects: Medicine and Dentistry > Clinical Dentistry
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    Date Deposited: 02 Nov 2012 02:00
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