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WAYTE, RICHARD A Model of the Proton. Journal of Physics G Nuclear and Particle Physics. ISSN 0954-3899 (Submitted)

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    A geometrical/mechanical model of the proton is developed which satisfies general empirical features. A Yukawa / Paris-type potential due to a mesonic field is incorporated into Einstein's equations of general relativity to predict a hadronic force constant, stronger than the fine structure constant by (137/√3) times Proton mass is expressed in terms of muonic mass building-blocks. Analysis of the magnetic moment allows substructure modelling, incorporating 2 grades of triplets. Creation of these component parts is described in terms of action-integrals. The gluon field energy holding the triplets together is related to total energy. Uniqueness of electromagnetic charge is attributed to a governing action principle. Finally, a neutron model has been proposed, consisting of a proton core orbited by a heavy-electron.

    Item Type: Article
    Uncontrolled Keywords: proton; particles
    Subjects: Physical Sciences > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Divisions: UNSPECIFIED
    Depositing User: DR RICHARD WAYTE
    Date Deposited: 20 Oct 2010 16:06
    Last Modified: 20 Oct 2010 16:06
    URI: http://opendepot.org/id/eprint/370

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