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O'Sullivan, John Linus Standing Wave Energy and Time. (Submitted)

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    Space is from two types of energy; (1) energy with time which is finite energy and (2) energy without time which is infinite energy. Finite energy is mass energy linked to light and gravity from open-ended standing waves. Finite energy is expanding as mass in the electric field with light and gravity in the magnetic field. Magnetic field waves are light and gravity forces on the electric field and curved from mass in general relativity. Photons in the magnetic field pack a punch as particles with wave-particle function from Planck's constant, E = hf. Electromagnetic waves are infinite from open-ended standing wave energy moving toward the static equilibrium. Infinity can be defined as energy without time where light speed is the common constant for what is finite and infinite. In effect, time does not exist outside of finite energy.

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    Uncontrolled Keywords: Cosmology, Standing Waves, Space-Time.
    Subjects: Physical Sciences > Physics > Mathematical & Theoretical Physics > Electromagnetism
    Physical Sciences > Physics > Mathematical & Theoretical Physics > Quantum Mechanics
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