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WAYTE, RICHARD A Model of Mesons. vixra.org. (Submitted)

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    Abstract: Detailed models of mesons have been derived in terms of real structured particles, in order to replace the formless quark/anti-quark singularities of standard QCD theory. Pion design is related to the muonic mass, and a Yukawa potential is calculated for the hadronic field. A charged pion is produced by adding a heavy-electron or positron in a tight orbit around the neutral core. Other mesons are found to be ordered assemblies of pionic-size masses, travelling in bound epicyclical orbits, with real intrinsic spin and angular momentum. These orbit dimensions are related to the mean lifetimes of the mesons through action integrals. Decay products resemble parts of their parent mesons, as expected for a relaxation process with traceability of particles.

    Item Type: Article
    Subjects: Physical Sciences > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Divisions: UNSPECIFIED
    Depositing User: DR RICHARD WAYTE
    Date Deposited: 19 Sep 2011 17:36
    Last Modified: 19 Sep 2011 17:36
    URI: http://opendepot.org/id/eprint/480

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