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Chatterjee, Sidharta Our World in the Next Millennium: The Mind, Memory and Machines: A Short Tale of Reality from Fiction [The Years of 2085-2122]. N/A. (Unpublished)

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    Imagine how our world will look like after 70-80 years from now, or say, in the next millennium! One may be able to foresee from the pace of cybernetic innovation and technology growth of today how human race will brace ahead of time in the next millennium. Along with that, there will also tend to be the real fierce competition among hominid species for resources which would virtually become too scarce or extinct, and hence, too expensive. The world would perhaps have had exhausted most of her potential resources by the end of this century, if not or so earlier. However, the only resource that would be available widely and in common is, perhaps, information, knowledge and "time"; although, the cost of acquiring such information and processing of such may become highly competitive, as well, time-dependent. And in congruence, what would be the real nature of decision-making process, and how human beings would take decisions in their everyday life, and how important strategic choices may render future corporate world to streamline their competitive efforts would be an interesting subject for inquisitive inquiry. The question then one may ask, will there still be poverty and inequity, and of what nature would it be, if it is deemed to be there, by considering the fact that the world population would double by 2060. Hence, I try to draw an imaginative fore-view of what might be the true nature of human existence in the beginning of the next millennia and at the turn of this century. Thus, I try to provide some virtual expectations of reality from fiction that would, in some part, draw an imaginary map of our world through the 22nd century, though however vague that may be and most of us would not be there physically to appreciate such dramatic changes by then.

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