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Complaint form for an item in OpenDepot.org

The item in OpenDepot.org

Please describe the item your complaint relates to:

Describe the protected material in as much detail as possible so that the specific content, edition, format and/or volume may be readily identified. Specify exactly the extent of use, e.g. by quoting text that has been reproduced.

Grounds for complaint

Please describe the grounds for your complaint:

  1. Infringement of copyright/author's rights/related rights.
    1. The material is protected in the UK and Europe by intellectual property law.
    2. Copyright issues:
      1. I/we own or am authorised to represent the owner of intellectual property rights in the protected material.
      2. I am the creator of and thus have moral rights in the protected material.
      3. I am neither the owner nor the creator of intellectual property rights in the protected material nor am I authorised to represent either the owner or creator.
    3. I/we hereby give notice of:
      1. Unauthorised use by reason of reproduction and/or making available the protected material; and/or
      2. Breach of the moral right of [paternity/integrity/right not to have my work subjected to derogatory treatment].
  2. A complaint on grounds other than copyright and/or related rights:
    1. Specify the nature of the complaint e.g. defamation, breach of confidence, data protection, and explain how an item in OpenDepot.org has breached a law or agreement
    2. Describe the infringing content in as much detail as possible e.g. by quoting or otherwise identifying the specific content within an item in OpenDepot.org.
In addition:
  1. I/we hereby request, with reference to the subject of this complaint, you remove it from OpenDepot.org; and
  2. I/we request that you notify me/us when you have complied with my/our request above.
  • I/we attach/direct you to the following additional information which supports my complaint:
  • In relation to my/our complaint, I/we also inform you:

Please read and check both tick-boxes to assert you right to make the complaint:

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