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About OpenDepot.org

The purpose of OpenDepot.org is to ensure that all academics worldwide can share in the benefits of making their research output Open Access. For those whose universities and organisations have an online repository, OpenDepot.org makes them easy to find. For those without a local repository, including unaffilitiated researchers, the OpenDepot is a place of deposit, available for others to harvest.

We have tried to make OpenDepot.org easy or researchers and authors to use.

It technical terms, OpenDepot.org does the following:

  • accepts deposit of e-prints from researchers at institutions that do not currently have an Institutional Repository (IR). The principal target is postprints, that is articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication.
  • as Institutional Repositories (IRs) are established, OpenDepot.org will support the transfer of relevant content to help populate those new IRs.
  • an OAI-compliant interface, so, like other open access repositories, its contents is available for harvesting.
  • re-directs depositors to an appropriate Institutional Repository (IR).

Like the Depot, which is an earlier version of OpenDepot.org, we use OpenDOAR and ROAR as the source for information about available repositories worldwide, and we use ROMEO as a source of information about publisher polices.

The re-direct function uses technology being developed alongside the JISC-funded OA Repository Junction project, which is providing machine-to-machine mechanism for deposit into multiple institutional repositories. You can find out more about OA-RJ and the SONEX use cases scenarios that promote ways to increase content into repositories.


OpenDepot.org has a fully developed policy, defined on the Policies page. This Policy covers Metadata, Data, Content, & Submission as well as use & reuse.


The Depot was originally designated and funded by the JISC. In 2006 JISC funded the EDINA national data centre (based at the University of Edinburgh) and SHERPA (based at University of Nottingham) to work together to scope provision for a short to medium term repository service to take deposit of peer-reviewed research outputs from any UK academic author without access to an IR at their own university. The outputs of the scoping phase are on the Prospero project pages, including the draft scoping report.

Arising from this work the original Depot support service was launched in June 2007 - funded as one of the key projects of the JISC RepositoryNet. The initial role of the Depot was to provide the UK academic community with an online deposit facility for eprints during the interim period while Institutional Repositories (IRs) were being set up. Among other policy issues this was to put in place material support for the prospect of mandates for Open Access self-archiving. The initial purpose for the Depot has been judged to have been successfully completed, and the project funding from JISC for the Depot as part of JISC RepositoryNet has come to an end.

After a consultation period with the OA community EDINA felt there was significant value in continuing the Depot in order to assist OA sharing of research output internationally, especially where IR capacity is not yet comprehensive. As a result the Depot was re-purposed, and re-released, as OpenDepot.org.

Project Staff

  • Project Director: Peter Burnhill (EDINA)
  • Project Manager: Theo Andrew (EDINA)
  • Software Development: Ian Stuart (EDINA)
  • The Depot Project Team (EDINA): Christine Rees (Project Manager to October 2007), Leah Halliday, Robin Rice, Andrew Bevan, Helen Chisholm

OpenDepot.org is being managed as a service at EDINA.

If you have an enquiry please contact the EDINA helpdesk at edina@ed.ac.uk (0131 650 3302).